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Bridge Brands Chocolate was created to provide chocolate lovers with gourmet-quality, superbly packaged chocolate at a non-gourmet price. Since debuting in 1999, our chocolates have become a favorite with San Francisco locals and visitors alike. Our business is rapidly expanding beyond the shores of the Bay Area, thanks to the many visitors who brought our beautiful chocolate tins home as souvenirs... the chocolates are so delicious, people contact us desperate to order more!

We use only the finest quality cocoa beans, gathered and imported from three different continents and selected for consistently superior flavor. Our chocolate has a smooth, silken texture that melts on the tongue and creates a rich, buttery mouthfeel. Quality chocolate possesses all the complexity and depth of flavor as a fine red wine or a dark roast coffee, and we are committed to instilling these qualities in each and every one of our chocolate products.

Bridge Brands Chocolate
takes immense pride in our products; we love our business because we know (and like to spread!) the joy of eating delicious chocolate.
Visit our The San Francisco Chocolate Factory retail store located in SOMA at 286 12th Street, on the corner of 12th Street and Folsom. Hours are Monday to Friday from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
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